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Creative Content Producer

Cindy Chou is a freelance content producer providing a plethora of creative services to the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industry. Her current projects include social media management and content creation for a number of brands. Her specialties lie in photography, graphic design, event coordination, and influencer marketing/relations. 

     Cindy started her fashion blog, Styleologie, at 15 years old. Since launching she has collaborated with brands such as Coach, Banana Republic, UNIQLO, and Ralph Lauren fragrances to name a few.

     Today, Cindy has accrued over eight years of digital content creation and has expanded into the world of PR and influencer relations. Specializing in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and hospitality, She has developed a track record of creating engaging digital content, growing social media accounts, and developing experiential brand activations. 



Social Media Marketing & Management

Influencer Relations & Outreach

Content Production & Creation

Event Coordination

Public Relations 


Graphic Design

Fashion Styling

Video Editing


Los Angeles, CA 

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